Creative nonviolent direct actions can help to create a more loving and just culture where all people can flourish. Below are some of Abbeyrose's actions.

The Living Stations of the Cross: Crucified on Wall Street. Bringing the truth of radical love and sacrifice to the center of American capitalism. Abbeyrose hopes to make this an annual occurrence. image by Geo Geller. 

Since 2014, Abbeyrose has been a proud member of The Living Theatre, America's oldest avant-garde theatre troupe, founded by Judith Malina and Julian Beck in 1947. She has performed with them in New York and at Burning Man. The Living is like her second family. image by Gaia Squarci.

In response to the disgusting notion of white supremacy, Abbeyrose and a few friends organized a Direct Action Against Racism in Washington Square Park. Taking inspiration from artist Honschar, hundreds of people covered the entire fountain area with anti-racist, pro-equality, pro-love messages over the course of 2 days.

From 2014 to 2016, Abbeyrose performed as "Princess Multivitamin", a singing and body-painting princess who spoke out against catcalling and other types of body-objectifying behavior.

Princess Multivitamin often wore only paint on the upper half of her body to make a statement that respect is not dependent on how much clothing a person is wearing. She always made it a point to behave in a family friendly way.


Although she met wonderful people & had amazing opportunities through bodypainting, Abbeyrose sadly went into retirement in 2016 after concluding that she could do better work for the same cause without being overly vulnerable to anybody's corrupted tendencies.

The brainchild of Captain Eric Wallach, "Spaceflight 18" is a cosmic journey of travelers who help people find freedom through dancing together! This was, without a doubt, one of Abbeyrose's best NYC experiences.

Abbeyrose collaborates with brilliant mind and performer Jana Astanov frequently on different performance art projects. Here they prepare to redecorate an ugly monument celebrating the removal of Native Americans from Governor's Island by transforming it into a monument for female writers. It rained during this installation. photography Geo Geller